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…the blog delusion

Bullog at The Times

…ok, this temporary blog solution has as of now officially moved to the the Bullog at The Times. If you are looking for me you can find me there: http://blogs.thetimes.co.za/bullard


5 Responses to “Bullog at The Times”

  1. […] it’s official. At the end of this weeks’ Bullard column, one that explores a range of issues about […]

  2. I agree with your article on blogs.Load of blogwashers the lot of them.Bloggers should be required to post a picture of themselves so we could all understand why they stay at home and type rubbish.As Grouco Marx once said;”I would never belong to a club that would have me as a member”.
    (I did not have a recent picture. sic)

  3. Dear Mr Bullard,I have been given your book Screw It lets Do Lunch by a South African friend who is visiting us in Adelaide SouthAustralia.It is not to be supposed that he has come 18000kms specifically to visit me but is in fact visiting his daughter and son in law who emigrated here just over a year ago.We ourselves came here 22 years ago.
    I find your comments incisive,sensible and very very brave.We have kept in touch with the country through relatives and friends and of course through the internet
    Throughout your book you refer to the brain drain and the loss of expertise which does not seem to phase the ANC at all .On a recent visit to South Africa,Feb 2005 we visited many friends who like ourselves have children who are now mostly educated and are proffesional people with much to offer an emerging South Africa but interestingly enough out of six couples all this talent is overseas.
    In every instance the reason for leaving the country was the appalling crime rate.
    Please excuse the ramblings of an ex South African but the question I wish to ask is why is there no effort being made to controll an element that is now a major issue with all South Africans be they red,black ,white green or yellow.Poltically surely this would be a positive step and in any case Mr Mbeki,s govt is in no danger of being ousted at the polls.
    Whilst I am horrified by the crime rate I am intreaged by the lack of action and ask why is it so.
    I found your book very entertaining and will certainly go out of my to find your other publications
    Please allow me to wish you and yours a wonderful and happy new year.

  4. Welcome back!

  5. Ok…..So now where do we find you(David) after the irony that is… this week.

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