David Bullard: The Bullog
…the blog delusion

David Bullard and the Blogosphere Part 5


11 Responses to “David Bullard and the Blogosphere Part 5”

  1. Well done David – a brilliant marketing campaign for your new blog

  2. I just posted this on Ray’s Blog, thought you might like a comment on this useless blog of wannabe column. Or is this a column now that you write it? I am confused. Anyways:

    Hmmm… coincidence? I think not. Very interesting that Mr Bullard has a blog. I personally loved his videos, I love that he is shameless about his intentions and I love the way he comes across. Yes, he is arrogant but he knows it and he doesn’t deny it.

    I will still be reading his column as I have done for the past 9 years, even though I think he missed the boat somewhat (or did he).

  3. I’ll second that!

  4. Hilarious! Nice one David, I feel rather proud of myself for not getting myself worked up or involved the link bait of century (I never checked the fact so don’t quote me on that).

  5. Interesting way to start your blogging ‘career’ David. One thing you have proved – you want to be one of us.

  6. We could learn a thing or two… 😛

  7. Fuck I love it.

    Welcome Mr Bullard.

    Please would you publish some of your writing here in blogspace, after all this I’d very much like to read some of it first hand. 🙂

  8. Welcome to the serial-killer race 😉

  9. Yeah… now if you can help me convince Daihatsu to fix the broken car they sold me… then I would love blogs like yours.


  10. Shoddy blog, DB. But let’s see what you do with it.

  11. p.s. Why didn’t you call it printrevenge.com?

    “Then I can start a blog site called printrevenge.com and bore you all with the details.”

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