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David Bullard and the Blogosphere Part 2


One Response to “David Bullard and the Blogosphere Part 2”

  1. I swear this is better than Prison Break. I am entertained.

    However, David, this time you’re a little off the mark this time. I once had an opportunity to drive a very sexy motorcar as the result of a blog post. Read about it here: http://www.mikestopforth.com/2006/11/17/aston-martin-evangelism/.

    That subsequent post on my site got Dugg (ask Colin what that is), resulting in the message spreading pretty darn fast, and around the globe. I even got the ultimate nerdy geek god, Robert Scoble, to mention me in a post. Not bad.

    Even better was the fact that I got to spend two days with a DB9 for being a blogger. I’m sure Aston Martin let you Car Torque guys take DB9’s home with them though, so it’s probably a bad example.

    Lastly, I get paid to tell the story to people. More money than I get paid to write, and I speak a lot faster than I write 😛

    And to think I dropped out of Varsity twice.

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